Learn with Lingosta

Discover a personalized language-learning journey with Lingosta by using AI to generate curated exercises, making it more engaging for learners of all levels!

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AI-Powered Platform for Relevant Language-Learning

Many language learning approaches focus on formalized language instruction, which may not align with the organic language usage found on social media and the internet.

Imagine being able to take sentences from someone you follow on Instagram and translate those words to build your understanding of how to read relevant content. Lingosta allows you to have control over the type of text and content you want to spend time learning.


Contextually Relevant Content

We understand the importance of learning languages in a context that matters to you. Lingosta enables you to explore relevant content and tailor your language learning experience accordingly. By learning words and phrases in the context of sentences you've translated, you gain a deeper understanding of how language is used in real-life situations.

Seamlessly Translate Sentences Into Flash Cards

With Lingosta, you can easily translate sentences from English into various languages. The translated words are automatically turned into flash cards, providing you with a seamless interface to create flash cards that are highly relevant to your language learning journey.

Match Translations with Drag and Drop

Beyond flash cards, Lingosta offers an exercise called "Jumble" that utilizes AI-generated sentences based on words you've translated. In this exercise, you can match translations using a user-friendly drag and drop interface. Jumble enhances your comprehension and retention skills as you engage with dynamically created sentences. It's a fun and effective way to reinforce your language learning progress.